Message from the Principal

Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School Community:

It is with a heavy heart – and at the same time an anticipation and excitement for the future – that I announce to the GMAHS community that at the end of the next school year, as of June 30, 2017, I will be stepping down as Principal of Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School.

The questions will be asked, why and why now? The answer is a simple one – it’s time – for me and for our beloved school. After 30 years as a vice-principal or principal -- between 14 years at GMAHS and 16 years at Mercy Vocational -- and numerous administrative positions prior, I am ready for a break. Also, the ever changing landscape of private, Catholic, secondary education calls for a new vision for the future of GMAHS.

With my stepping down, GMAHS will transition to a new President/Principal leadership model that will ensure our school’s long-term growth and stability, enabling future generations of girls to have the opportunity to know what it means to be a Mercy Girl and a GMAHS Monarch. I’m anxious to help usher in this new era for Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School.

With Love, Gratitude and God’s Blessings,

Sister Patricia Flynn, RSM

Sr. Patricia Flynn, RSM

Reflection on the Tradition of Mercy

Tradition is the faithful execution over time of the Mercy core values and the continual acceptance of the gift, the charism. It is in the fidelity to the Mercy charism that our tradition exists, lives and grows. This fidelity to the legacy of Catherine McAuley requires, as she demonstrated, consistent awareness of need, flexibility, perseverance, and trust in the providence of God. What, then, makes up the Mercy tradition? It is value-centered Catholic education, with an atmosphere of welcome and a spirit of hospitality and compassionate presence to all. It has the hallmark of excellence in education. Inherent in this tradition is a preferential option for the poor that manifests itself through the tradition of serving those in need.

Reflection on the Core Values of Mercy Education

The core values of Mercy education are expressed in mission statements, vision statements, and processes for planning, evaluation and assessment. They are consistent with the foundational documents of the Sisters of Mercy, the “Constitutions” and “Institute Direction Statement.”

Essential core values in Mercy education in relation to self and others are: Dignity, Integrity, Spiritual Growth and Development, Respect, Hospitality, Appreciation for Diversity, Compassion, Justice and Service. For the Earth, Global Community and Society, there is a commitment to stewardship, responsibility and respect. Mercy schools in relationship to Church build a Faith community, witness to Gospel values and to being Christian and Catholic. Leadership and a deep commitment to collaboration at all levels furthers the core values. Mercy education commits itself to excellence!