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Ministry and Service

"Let us take one day only in hands at a time. Resolve to do good today and better tomorrow."

Catherine McAuley

Taking an active role in service is expected of a Mercy Girl. By getting involved, students build a strong sense of compassion toward others and in return partake in rewarding experiences. The enthusiasm of community service at Gwynedd continues to build every day. The participation of students and faculty in service projects are a prime example of how we express Mercy. Thank you to all who continue to support and carry out the real meaning of Ministry and Service.

The Ministry and Service programs are led, in large part, by a team of 25 students who learn valuable lessons in organizing and planning projects. They transform their ideas into events that help people in need. Membership on the Ministry Team is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors based on a commitment to faith and school-sponsored service. Team members are selected based on their involvement in current Ministry & Service activities.

Malala's Inspiration

Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistan woman almost killed by the Taliban now an education advocate, continues to be an inspiration to Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School students. Malala said in her address to the United Nations "Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world." Malala serves as a consistent reminder that through promoting education for girls all over the world, we can and we will make a difference. Together we are Girl Rising.

"Girls Rising is alive. Across the world, girls are finding their voices. If we listen to them, we can do something amazing. We can end global poverty - forever. CHANGE STARTS WITH A GIRL!"

"Sr. Deirdre Mullan spoke to our students about our support of the Girls Rising Project. We select emerging senior class leaders to attend the annual mercy leadership conference, and then transfer their knowledge into a fundraising effort for that school year. This year we are raising money to equip the high school we helped build through our fundraising efforts last year with necessary educational resources. The high school is located in a war-ravaged section of Sudan near the NUBA mountains."

Service Opportunities

Project Mercy

Project Mercy is the most popular service program of the school year. There are four major events and each one is unique.

The first is a Halloween event at Merrymead Farms. Gwynedd Mercy Girls pair up with children from Mercy Neighborhood Ministries, a non profit organization that serves inner city children.

The second event is a Christmas party with a visit from Santa Claus and gifts for all!

The third event is a Valentine Day visit. Crafts are created and refreshments enjoyed.

The final yearly event is a carnival held at Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School in the spring. The grounds are transformed into a festive carnival setting for the children of Mercy Neighborhood Ministries!

Women of Hope

Women of Hope is home to 24 women who are incapable of living on their own. Students at Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School visit Women of Hope once a month, where they plan and excute a variety of activities: painting nails, playing bingo, and putting on a fashion show. The highlight of year is a Christmas Party, Santa Claus delivers gifts, and the girls sing Christmas Carols.

Manna on Main

Manna on Main Street is a soup kitchen where the students of Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School visit once a month to serve meals. It is a very appropriate and humbling experience for the girls to serve others, who are in desperate need of a warm meal and conversation.

Liturgical Planning

Liturgical Planning is a ministry group that assists with all of the liturgies and prayer services for the school year. Students choose a theme, the music, the readings and the message for many of the liturgies.

Mercy Hospice Dinner Party

A Christmas dinner party is hosted each December for the women and children of Mercy Hospice, a nonprofit organization which helps poverty stricken women and children. Santa Claus personally delivers gifts and our Mothers' Club provides a wonderful meal. All share stories, laughs, and break bread. Entertainment is provided by our talented Mercy singers!

Blood Drive

Two blood drives are held at Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School in October and March. The girls advertise, decorate, and volunteer their time and also give blood if they meet the requirements.


Various drives are held throughout the school year. A Thanksgiving Drive in partnership with Gwynedd Mercy College, provides a Thanksgiving meal for over ninety families!

When a "Gwynedd Girl" sees a need in her community or beyond, a drive is quickly organized to assist those in need.

George Valentine Auction

The George Valentine Auction is a unique event held each February at Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School. It is an opportunity for faculty, staff, alumnae and parents to auction off services for the students. Items include: tutoring sessions, a faculty member cooking a meal in your home, "Chill and Grill at Sr. Patricia's home, and the ever popular "Tea" hosted by Sr. Carol Larkin!

Girl Effect ~ Phase 1

For approximately 5 years Mercy high schools from around the country have collaborated to assist young women around the globe where Sisters of Mercy serve. As a result of this support, two schools have been built, one in Cambodia, the other in Sudan. A soup kitchen and a library have been added to the Mukuru Refugee Camp near Nairobi, Kenya. Additionally, Mercy girls have provided hundreds of scholarships for young girls in developing countries and have supported safe houses for recently rescued trafficked girls on 3 continents.

Girls Rising ~ Phase 2

In continuing our support, Mercy schools will be working together this year to provide meals and educational supplies for our school in Sudan.
Mercy girls are also standing behind Malala Yousafzai in support of her campaign to raise awareness for the rights of all girls to be educated.
To personalize these needs on a local level, our students will be helping needy schools in the Philadelphia area throughout the year.

Click on the links below to learn more about our Gwynedd girls in Haiti and Camden.



Project Mercy Carnival

On May 10th, Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School hosted the Project Mercy Carnival!

The Ministry and Service team along with more than 90 students hosted 125+ children from the Mercy Neighborhood MinistriesThe sun shone; games, snacks and face paints were enjoyed in abundance, and the smiles were endless, filling the hearts of all in attendance.

Blood Drive 2017