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Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School works diligently to maximize the effectiveness of daily classes, to promote even greater results in scholastic achievement and to graduate students prepared for the increasingly challenging rigors of college.

The Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School community uses a schedule that reflects a school climate that promotes 21st century learning. The school schedule allows for increased opportunities for interaction with the material introduced in class, and for the integration of hands-on, experiential projects. The cycle is ten working days, eight days of which are steady, regular classes, while the remaining two days are extended-time classes. The school day begins at 8:15 A.M.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week One A A A A A
Week Two A B C A A

Weekly Breakdown of the MSS (Modified Standard Schedule)

A (eight of ten days of the ten day cycle)

1 40 Minutes Class
2 40 Minutes Class
Homeroom 15 Minutes
3 40 Minutes Class
4 40 Minutes Class or Lunch
5 40 Minutes Class or Lunch
6 40 Minutes Class or Lunch
7 40 Minutes Class
8 40 Minutes Class
9 34 Minutes Clubs/Sports/Study Hall

B Day C Day One of 10 days One of 10 days

1 80 Minutes 2 80 Minutes
Homeroom Homeroom
3 80 Minutes 4 80 Minutes
5 120 Minutes 6 120 Minutes
Class/Lunch Class/Lunch
7 80 Minutes 8 80 Minutes
9 Clubs/Sports/Study Hall 9 Clubs/Sports/Study Hall

Breakdown of Lunch

4 (or) 5 (40 Min) 6 (40 Min)
5 (or) Lunch (40 Min) 6 (40 Min)
6 5 (40 Min) Lunch (40 Min)

B/C days some students will eat in the first 40 minutes of the period, some in the second 40 minutes of the period and some in the third 40 minute slot. Students will eat at an assigned period on A days, either 4th, 5th or 6th