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Graduate Profile

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A Graduate of Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School is:

A competent and compassionate woman of Faith, who chooses to live her life rooted in Gospel values.

A woman of Mercy, who in the tradition of Catherine McAuley, responds generously to the needs of the poor and alienated persons of society.

A woman who is well prepared for the challenges of a college experience.

A woman who actively engages in the learning process and is committed to the continual development of her unique gifts, talents and abilities.

A woman of integrity who fosters right relationships and justice for all persons.

A woman who communicates effectively and uses her influence to bring about social change.

A woman who demonstrates critical thinking and problem-solving skills, technological competence, flexibility, and an appreciation of diversity - ingredients for success in her future endeavors.

A woman who demonstrates respect for herself and others; makes wise choices and accepts responsibility for her actions.

A woman who appreciates creativity and beauty in their myriad forms of expression.

A woman who is empowered to become an authentic witness of Mercy in the global community of the 21st Century.



"Our name is Mercy; our spirit is compassion".


- Catherine McAuley