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Student Internships


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The student internships are a stipend position. It is estimated that an internship should involve a total of 50 hours per school year.  It should not take the place of volunteer activities done by clubs, etc.  Upon completion of the program, interns will receive a stipend of $500. 

  • Interns will be selected by completing a short essay on what they bring to the internship and submitting it to the director sponsoring the internship.   
  • Interns will have a series of short, weekly meetings with their director.  The purpose of these meetings (which can be 15-30 minutes long) is to brainstorm on projects. A project that fits will have the following characteristics:
    • A project of value to Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School – not busy work- but also a project that doesn’t have a tight deadline. 
    • A project that can realistically be completed within the timeframe of the internship.
  • Each application should include 2-3 simple goals for the internship – what the student wants to get out of the experience. 
  • The intern will keep track of her hours and submit to the director monthly.


Internship Opportunities


Job Description:  The Advancement Office Intern will receive some hands-on experience in all areas of the School’s advancement office, including fundraising, alumnae relations, parent relations, donor relations, advancement services, communications and marketing. Duties includes: updating databases, internet research, special event planning, marketing, special projects, and basic office tasks.

Requirements:  Juniors or Seniors who would like to explore careers associated with fundraising and educational advancement. Candidates should have good communication and interpersonal skills, strong organizational skills and attention to detail, and the ability to work occasional evenings and weekends for advancement events.

Please contact Mrs. Colleen Belz Frascatore at with your interest.

Counseling Center

Job Description:  The intern will report the to the Counseling Center everyday at homeroom.  She will deliver passes to the homeroom teachers for student meetings.  The intern will inspire ideas and execute themes for the bulletin boards.  She will brainstorm ideas to increase awareness of mental health/wellness themes as stated in the Red Book for the student body.  The intern will provide feedback and ideas for grade level advisory classes.  She will help plan and execute counseling events, for example:  college fair, mock interviews, professional speakers etc.  The intern will generate ideas and content for social media platforms. 

Requirements: Sophomore, Junior, or Senior interested in the subject area

Please contact Mrs. Monica Lapp at with your interest.


Job Description: The student intern will work with the business office and Chef Craig on various tasks pertaining to dining in our Monarch Café! These duties include assisting with safe food prep/serving for student dining as well as special events and catering.  Cafeteria marketing and student feedback will also be a task of this intern.  This intern is expected to assist with the Red Carpet Dinners and casserole preparing for St. Anthony’s Parish under the direction of Chef Craig and his staff.

Requirements: Senior with an interest in the culinary field

Please contact Mrs. Judy Morrissey at with your interest.

Leadership Department

The new Leadership Department is looking for a responsible, resourceful, innovative and dedicated student to assist in the development of the Leadership Department. The Leadership Intern will help to support our leadership workshops by providing student-based ideas. The Intern will help assist on Leadership sponsored events such as programs, facilitate dialogues, and seek feedback from current students. This Intern is expected to work on her own skills throughout the year, with the leadership coordinator and President of the school.

Job Description: The student intern will be available to attend meetings, will assist in the development of leadership resources, advertisements, and programming and help research outside leadership opportunities. 

Requirements: Sophomore, Junior, or Senior with strong communication skills.  Candidates should demonstrate strong leadership skills, have good communication and interpersonal skills, and be self-motivated. Must be able to work with students, faculty, and staff.

At the end of the internship, the student intern will receive a letter of recommendation from the President’s office and Leadership Department to showcase for college process.

Please contact Mrs. Jennifer Guarnaccia at with your interest.

Marketing and Communications

Job Description: The Marketing & Communications Internship is an opportunity for a Gwynedd student to gain hands-on experience in an area of business in which she may be interested in pursuing studies and/or career aspirations. The chosen Intern will support the Marketing & Communications Office with light research of market data, best practices, and communication innovations; special projects, communications planning, social media, media planning and buying, photography, and videography.

Requirements: A Sophomore, Junior, or Senior with an interest in this subject area.

* Strong writing skills
* Graphic design skills, a plus

Please contact Mrs. Zandier at with your interest.

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Department has two internship opportunities: Stage Manager and Sound Booth.


Job Description: Stage Manager is an essential role for events in the Performing Arts Center.  Connected to the Music Department, the Stage Manager is responsible for assisting with the production of the Fall Musical and the Spring Arts Festival.  For the Fall Musical, Stage Manager tracks attendance through a spreadsheet, sits at the production table and assists the director by taking notes for staging, sound and light cues, scenery and prop changes.  Stage Manager communicates all information to Sound and Light Crew and Stage Crew.  During the production, the stage manager works backstage and calls cues to the cast and crew.  For the Spring Arts Festival, the stage manager reviews the stage needs of the various performing ensembles with the directors and assists in the transitions during the concert.

Stage Manager works with Music Director and Director of the Musical/Choral Conductor.

Requirements: Sophomore, Junior, or Senior interested in stage management and the performing arts.

Please contact Mrs. Patricia Giangiulio at with your interest.


This position has been filled by Jordan White '21.

Job Description: The Sound Booth intern is a vital role for events in the Performing Arts Center.  Connected to the Music Department, the Sound Booth intern is responsible for coordinating student coverage for the sound and light board for all school related and outside events in the PAC, including the Fall Musical.  Working with the Music Director and Choral Conductor, the Booth intern will help develop a spreadsheet for tracking the equipment in the PAC (mics, cords, etc) and convey any information to the Music Director and/or Choral Conductor.  PAC intern must have excellent communication skills and be available during school as well as some evenings and weekends.

Requirements: Sophomore, Junior, or Senior interested in sound management and the performing arts.

Please contact Mrs. Patricia Giangiulio at with your interest.

Strategic Planning

Our She is the Future strategic plan has numerous initiatives that would benefit from student input and perspective. These initiatives span all departments and have impact both within the building and beyond the campus. Our strategic planning intern would assist with the following tasks as well as other opportunities as they are identified by the intern and the strategic planning team.

Job Description: 

  • Helping to ensure that She is the Future project documentation is current and clearly communicated to the appropriate parties
  • Acting as a conduit between students and the strategic planning team as needed to gather feedback
  • Vetting or researching ideas as they are generated by teams to assess relevance and interest to students
  • Generating video content for the schools digital signage units that aligns with our She is the Future themes.

This role entails a 50 hour commitment which will consist of a weekly checkpoint meeting with the Director of Strategic Planning and the opportunity for some work to be completed independently as it fits with the student’s schedule.

Requirements: Sophomore, Junior, or Senior interested in strategic planning and initiatives

Please contact Mrs. Sherry Mischler at with your interest.

Technology Department

This internship opportunity has been filled by Kiera Thomas '20 and Lyndsey James '21.

Job Description: The Tech Intern will support the Technology Department in a variety of functions. Duties will include but are not limited to trouble shooting computers and Smart Boards, updating computers and software. The intern will be responsible to check the copier outside the cafeteria for paper and error alerts. The intern will also gain experience in some back-end programs used in by department.  

Requirements: Sophomore, Junior, or Senior with an interest in computer science or business. Candidates should have strong attention to detail and strong problem-solving skills. 

Please contact Mrs. Patty Rosenberger at with your interest.