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At Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School, you can experience a 360° curriculum that will challenge you academically, engage you physically, nourish you spiritually, and welcome you into a unique community of strong, supportive women who will begin as friends, then grow into a network of sisterhood, colleagues, and resources for life.

All courses at Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School are college prep, with numerous opportunities to take honors and AP courses. Now more than ever, 21st century learners must understand the importance of collaboration. Our students take full advantage of the integration of technology into the classroom, with flexible work spaces and interactive technology like SMART resources, computers, and electronic devices.

The Sisters of Mercy focus on five "Critical Concerns": Earth, Immigration, Nonviolence, Racism, and Women. Each year, Gwynedd spotlights one Critical Concern as the theme of the academic year, and throughout the academic curriculum, all five concerns are addressed and reflected upon through study, project-based work, analysis, and action. From our front lobby to our classrooms to our Monarch Butterfly Garden, Gwynedd students grow to understand why their leadership is needed in the world, are educated to meet future challenges, and are guided toward becoming empowered female leaders.

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