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Activities and Clubs

Gwynedd Girls describe life at Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School as an experience unlike any other.
Instead of going to a school every day, they feel like the red and gold corridors of Gwynedd are their second home. 
students and a staff member in the gym


club poster wall


two students working on robotics


Clubs and Activities at Gwynedd are categorized into four different groups:
Councils, Music, Academic, and Recreational. 

The list of Gwynedd's clubs and activities reflect interests of the student body which can vary each year. Clubs and activities are tiered based on levels of time commitment and activity anticipated for participants. If you don't see a club that suits your interests, you can start you own! 


Activities Calendar

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7:30 AM LEAD- Lecture Hall
CP Ministry & Service
CP Orchestra
CP Student Council