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Activities and Clubs

Department Activities


MEMBERSHIP: Tryouts are open to all students.

GOALS: The Gwynedd Athletic Department contributes to the growth and development of the total person by providing each student with the opportunity to participate in the sports program. Within each sport, emphasis is placed on sportsmanship through competition and the Christian values of team unity and discipline.

The Athletic Department fields 12 sports and 24 teams. Each athlete must try out for a position on a team if she wishes to participate in that sport.

PRACTICES/GAMES: Student athletes practice and/or play every day Monday through Saturday during their sport session. This may require practice and/or games during school holidays and/or breaks. Attendance throughout the sporting season is mandatory. Student athletes may report to practice late if they are involved in Gwynedd’s student council or music program. It is the responsibility of the student athlete to communicate this situation to their respective coach at the beginning of season.

Gwynedd is a full member of the Athletic Association of the Catholic Academies (AACA). There are two distinct ninth grade teams – basketball in the Winter and lacrosse in the Spring. The ninth grade teams play in the MONTCO Scheduling group.

Students are not permitted to play two sports in the same season. They are also encouraged to make wise decisions regarding membership in activities in order to avoid too many conflicts.


Cross Country, Golf, Tennis, Field Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball, Rowing

Basketball, Indoor Track, Swimming and Diving

Lacrosse, Track and Field, Softball


Ministry and Service

Students and Residents of KyffinGrove with artwork

Kyffin Grove Residential Home (pictured above)

MEMBERSHIP: Activities are open to all students. Membership for the Team is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors and is based on commitment to faith and (school-sponsored) service. Team members Team members are selected in April for the following school year and are selected based on their involvement in current Ministry & Service activities.

GOALS: The Ministry and Service Team encourage students to live as a valued part of the universal Church and give back to the community through acts of service. Ministry and Service leaders live and integrate Catholic values, and serve those in need in order to foster social change.

ACTIVITIES: The Ministry and Service Team plan all of the liturgies and prayer services during the school year. Students select readings, correspond with the music department to solidify songs, write intercessions and choose theme. 

MEETINGS: Weekly during 9th period on Wednesdays 



Chorale performing with Orpheus

Choral Group with Philadelphia's Orpheus Choir

MEMBERSHIP: All students interested in Music are invited to participate in some phase of the Department.

OBJECTIVES: Our music activities and clubs, designed to develop the musical skills, abilities and creative talent of our students, contribute to the cultural life of the school and community and add to the beauty and meaning of school worship.

PERFORMANCES: Annual in-school performances for students in the various music activities include Open House in October, Candlelight in December, and the Arts Festival Concert and graduation in May (instrumentalists). The GMAHS Chorale, the Mercy Melismatics and the String Ensemble entertain on various other occasions and at venues and events in the surrounding community. The Mercy Melismatics and the Girls with Guitars host an invitational a cappella concert in addition to performing in the regularly scheduled concerts. Participation in prestigious outside venues (i.e. The White House and Longwood Gardens), competitive instrumental and vocal festivals, as well as opportunities for numerous service-oriented activities showcase our musical talents.

The Glee Club is our largest music activity open to any girl in grades 9-12 who enjoys singing. Membership in this group is mandatory for acceptance into any of our selective vocal organizations. Glee Club performs for our annual Candlelight and Arts Festival concerts.

Chorale is our select chorus consisting of 25-30 auditioned members in grades 10-12. Students are required to participate in Glee Club for a minimum of 1 semester prior to auditioning for Chorale. This group performs in several outside venues throughout the community in addition to in-school concerts.

Orchestra is our instrumental performance ensemble open to any student with previous instruction on a musical instrument. Students must be receiving private instruction on their instrument either in or outside of school. This group performs for our annual Candlelight and Arts Festival concerts.

String Ensemble is our chamber group and is open to all string players who play at an intermediate level and who are currently receiving private instruction in or outside of school. Students must also participate in Orchestra in order to be a member of this group. The String Ensemble performs for school functions including: Open House, Christmas Candlelight Concert and the Spring Arts Festival as well as outside events in the surrounding community.

Jazz Band is open to students who have previous experience on their instrument and includes saxophones, trumpets, clarinets as well as rhythm instruments (piano, bass, guitar and drums). 

Mercy Melismatics is our highly selective “a cappella’ group consisting of 12-14 members. Singers who are active participants in Glee Club and Chorale are eligible to audition for this group in the spring. The Mercy Melismatics perform for special occasions and events in and out of school throughout the year and serve as school ambassadors to the outside community.

Girls with Guitars, our very popular “rock band” is open to vocalists, guitar, drum and keyboard students selected through an audition. This group performs for many special events and occasions in and out of school and serves as an ambassador to the outside community.

The Liturgical Music Group, open to all interested students, provides singing and instrumental accompaniment to enhance our liturgies and prayer services. Members must be willing to assist with special masses on weekends.

The School Show held in November, provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate their dramatic, vocal, artistic, dance and instrumental talents as well as the art of stagecraft. Auditions for current students are held in May of the previous year, and incoming freshmen audition during the first week of school. Interested instrumentalists are welcome to join the “pit orchestra” where they perform with professional musicians.


Academic Bowl

GOALS: Prepare for the annual academic competition against other Montgomery County high schools

ACTIVITIES: Play trivia and compete against each other in matches. Categories include: Literature, American History, Contemporary Events, World History, Science, and Potpourri

MEETINGS: twice a month

Alchemy Club

GOALS: To improve lab based skills by turning ordinary ingredients into the extraordinary.

ACTIVITIES: Make a take-home beauty product based on seasons. Examples: Bath bombs, lip gloss, candles, soap, cleaning slime, aromatherapy sprays, solid perfume, etc.

MEETINGS: 3-4 times each semester, 9th period in Chemistry Lab.


Art Club

GOALS: The Art Club members use their interest and talent in art to create artistic projects and crafts. The club also creates objects, installations, and mural paintings that benefit the school and the community.

ACTIVITIES: Members spend time doing artistic activities and creating art projects. They work individually and sometimes as a group. Themes are usually holiday or season based and are designed by club leaders, our art scholarship students.

MEETINGS: Meetings will take place during selected 9th periods once or twice a month. Please see the activities calendar for scheduled dates.

MEMBERSHIP: Art Club is open to all 9th and 10th grade students.

Chinese Club

GOALS: Learning about Chinese culture

MEETINGS: twice a month

ACTIVITIES: Learn the Chinese Language and how to write in Chinese, Teach Chinese customs and holidays.  Share Chinese food.

Dance Club

Dance Club 2019-2020

GOALS: The mission of Dance Club is to provide a fun and interactive experience for all members, while teaching them various styles of dance. Dance Club will offer an educational atmosphere for students to learn to appreciate a variety of dance styles in an inclusive and non-judgmental environment.

ACTIVITIES: At each meeting, Dance Club will teach a new style of dance in a way that is instructional but also interactive for members. These styles might include hip hop, jazz, tap, salsa and much more. Dance Club will create a positive and inclusive environment for all members and will be a place for girls to enjoy time with friends and step outside of their comfort zones by learning new things. Dance Club will be represented at school functions to expose other members of the school community to the art of dance and help them to develop an appreciation for various dance styles.




Diversity Club

The GMA Diversity Group

MEMBERSHIP is open to all students. Leaders are chosen each year and must apply for a leadership position.

GOALS: To work with the school community to increase awareness on issues of diversity and multiculturalism. The group’s efforts are aimed at promoting a community of tolerance and respect for all humanity.

MEETINGS: 2-3 times per month.

ACTIVITIES: The group will promote education and awareness through activities such as:

  • Discussion groups on specific topics
  • Movie nights with discussion hosting of multicultural celebrations
  • Interaction with neighboring schools’ diversity groups.


Diversity Club participates in various social service projects such as the Special Olympics event at Villanova University each year.



MEMBERSHIP: Membership is open to all students who are interested in exploring a variety of aspects of theater and having fun while doing so.

GOALS: To give students the opportunity to showcase their talents and gifts by learning the fundamentals of theater.

MEETINGS: Meetings will take place, when scheduled, during L Period. One after-school meeting per month will also be scheduled.

ACTIVITIES: Improvisation, skits, commercial scripts, monologues, communication activities, study of plays and playwrights, theater activities, scene study, cinematography, directing, stage crew responsibilities, costuming, scenery, and more.

Environmental Club

Goal: To learn about the Sisters of Mercy Critical Concern “Care for the Earth.” To use that information to raise awareness about the environmental issues we face today. To use this awareness to help Gwynedd Mercy to become more environmentally friendly. To appreciate the environment and the creatures living in it.

Meetings: Once a week or every other week after school. If a project is being done, we may need to meet once a week.

Activities: Compost pile (creation and/or upkeep), obtain more recycling cans around the school, especially the cafeteria, decorate current recycling cans, discuss using recyclable or reusable plates and cutlery in the cafeteria, raise awareness of what is thrown away (plastic bags) with posters or assemblies, plant flowers and/or trees, pick up trash around the campus, care for the plants around campus, hold a recycled art competition and go on a hiking trip.

Moderator: Sister Patricia Donlin

Escape the Room (Leaders Only)

GOAL: Enhance student’s ability to critically think

OBJECTIVE: Critical thinking must extend beyond the classroom, and 'Escape' will do just that. This club will allow students to create scenarios and/ or prompts that enhance and encourage critical thinking skills and creative problem solving in a fun and unique environment.

MEETINGS: This club would be best utilized in the 9th period slot, so puzzles and critical thinking adventures are not limited by student’s availability before and after school.

Amy Cymerman
Kylie Steiert
Tom Waltrich

Gwynedd Ambassadors


GOALS: Ambassadors and hostesses serve in leadership roles as representatives of Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School. They help demonstrate the mission of Gwynedd by exemplifying confidence and competence and a compassionate Mercy spirit. Ambassadors participate in various functions where prospective students and their parents gather. Their role is very important in providing information about our school and demonstrating that our students are our greatest asset.

ACTIVITIES: The role of Ambassadors and Hostesses is to support the Admissions Office by having prospective students shadow them for a day and by helping with the following events and initiatives: Open House, grade school visitations, high school nights, monthly 7th grader tours and Mercy Mania.


Health Club

GOALS: Our mission will be to guide fellow students toward healthy habits in all aspects of health – spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and social

MEETINGS: Twice per month.

ACTIVITIES: Traditionally members of the Health Club sponsor speakers during the week before the prom. Health Club customarily participates in or sponsors the following activities: Dodge Ball Tournament, Health Fair, Spa Day, Fit Feast, Great American Smoke Out, rock climbing, hiking and laser tag.

Health Club also sponsors:

  • Powder Puff Football
  • Dig Pink Volleyball Tournament
  • Operation Beautiful
  • Candy grams for Valentines Day
  • Health Fair
  • Pre-Prom Speaker
  • Mother/Daughter dinner and presentation
  • NEDA speaker
  • Social Media Awareness Week
  • Co-sponsor Kindness Week with Different Strokes



Herstory Club

MEMBERSHIP: This club is open to all students interested in discovering more about History that what is covered in a traditional course.

GOALS: To provide interested students with an opportunity to experience history in a fun and hands-on manner. The club strives to promote a greater appreciation and understanding of the past.


ACTIVITIES: Students will engage in discussions and debates, visit historical sites, and organize projects in an effort to gain a better understanding of American history, and become more aware and engaged American citizens.

Knitting Club

GOALS: Donate beautiful blankets to nursing homes, beanies to cancer patients and mats to the homeless

ACTIVITIES: Learn to knit and crochet at any level

MEETINGS: Once a month, Wednesdays

Girls and teacher planning the "Escape" club activities

Escape Club

Latin Club

MEMBERSHIP: For anyone interested in learning about the Latin language and the culture of the ancient Romans. Students do NOT need to take Latin. All are welcome!

GOALS: The club’s goal is to introduce students to the ways of Roman life through fun and interactive activities, and to encourage students to make connections between the lives of the ancient Romans and their own.



  • September: Percy Jackson movie viewing
  • October: Dressing like our favorite characters from mythology
  • November: Visiting the University of Pennsylvania Museum
  • December: Saturnalia
  • January: Latin Week
  • February: Feralia
  • March: Ides of March Party
  • April: Rome’s Birthday
  • May: A Roman Banquet

Literary Magazine (Imagination Collaboration)

MEMBERSHIP: This club is open to all student writers and artists who wish to contribute their literary talents to produce a school-wide periodical, The Imagination Collaboration, which is distributed in the Spring. This magazine is a long-lasting memento of Gwynedd’s artistic expression.

GOALS: The group’s goal is to publish a magazine that captures the “creative spirit” of our student body. Students enter into this activity with enthusiasm and unbounded energy so the magazine can spark the imagination and promote creativity.

MEETINGS: Weekly meetings will be held in the fall. From December - April additional meetings may be held. Free periods may be spent inputting or editing in the writing lab.


  • Promoting our publication at Open House, in the school newspaper, on Gwynedd’s website and through other multi-media advertisements in school
  • Announcing special contests
  • Recruiting writers and artists
  • Inputting entries
  • Editing text
  • Creating layout

Mathletes (Varsity)

MEMBERSHIP: Varsity Mathletes is open to any student who has completed Algebra 2

GOALS: To increase and develop critical thinking and deductive reasoning through the solving of challenging mathematical problems.

MEETINGS: There are six interschool competitions. Students will travel to other schools for competitions, which are held on Monday afternoons. Practice session are scheduled before each competition.

Mathletes (Junior Varsity)

MEMBERSHIP: JV Mathletes is open to all Freshmen and Sophomore students.

GOALS: To hone math skills and to build camaraderie between sophomore and freshmen math students.

MEETINGS: Every 'G' day (twice per month)

ACTIVITIES: We engage in math “meets” at GMAHS on the same days that other diocesan and private schools have meets at their home schools. We all work on the same set of problems provided by a central coordinator. GMAHS students also practice sets of problems provided by our moderator, Mrs. Mitchell, in anticipation of the next monthly topic.

At a JV Mathletes meet, each student completes two individual sets of 5 math questions regarding the monthly topic. Then the students form teams of 5 and work together to complete a final set of 5 questions. Each of the problem sets are timed. The scores are tallied and sent to the central coordinator. At the end of the year, the school with the highest cumulative score gets a trophy. The girl with the highest Mathletes score from GMAHS receives a mathletes medal.

JV Mathletes do math in a relaxing atmosphere, with treats to eat, and always beat the timer!

Meditation & Mindfulness

Mercy Effect

For more information click:

Mercy Effect

Mercy Magnet (Newspaper)

MEMBERSHIP: Membership is open to all sophomores, juniors, and seniors who express an interest in school activities, enjoy the challenge of writing journalistically, willing to accept suggestions, and are determined to capture the life of GMAHS in print


  • The challenge of capturing the life of the academy in print truthfully, competently and cleverly
  • The challenge of learning to write journalistically
  • The challenge of arranging a clever layout electronically
  • The tedious challenge of appearing everywhere with a camera
  • The ability to present our academy in its truthfully best light in a minimum of 4 editions, hopefully more.

MEETINGS: The editorial board meets on one Wednesday a month to discuss content. They assign articles to various reporters, and they work on their own time (lunch, study, before and after school) on the designated computers in the newspaper office.

Mock Trial

MEMBERSHIP: Open to any girl interested in learning about the legal system, or pursuing a career in law.

GOALS: Mock Trial gives students the opportunity to understand the roles played by lawyers and witnesses in criminal and civil trials.


ACTIVITIES: Students participate in the Montgomery County Bar Association's Mock Trial Competition. They receive a packet filled with case information, including witness affidavits and police reports. In February, they compete against local high schools at the Montgomery County Courthouse in a real-life trial situation.


Model UN

GOALS:  Model UN seeks to advance an understanding of how the United Nations functions and contemporary international issues.  Through the educational experiences of Model UN students become better global citizens through activities that emphasize collaboration and cooperative resolution of conflict.

ACTIVITIES: Students learn about how to prepare for the competitive Model UN conference held at American University in February.  Students are either assigned to a General Assembly topic or to a Crisis Committee. 

MEETINGS: Tuesdays

National Honor Society (NHS)

MEMBERSHIP: Juniors who qualify by achieving a pre-determined grade point average are eligible to apply for National Honor Society membership. Applications are reviewed by the Faculty Council. Admission is based on Scholarship, Leadership, Service (students must demonstrate 25 hours of service over their first 2 ½ years at GMAHS) and Character.

GOALS: The goal of the McAuley Chapter of the NHS is to serve the school community through a tutoring program and other service projects that benefit the school and local community.

MEETINGS: Meetings are bi-monthly before school for the general members. Officers meet as needed.

ACTIVITIES: Members are called upon to represent the school when the Principal deems it appropriate. The organization sponsors the annual induction ceremony, a volunteer peer tutoring program, and sponsors service project throughout the year to benefit the school and/or local community. Each year NHS members plan a group trip.

Peer Advisory League (PAL)

MEMBERSHIP: All Freshmen are a member of Peer Advisory League. Upper class students are chosen each year to be leaders of each group.

GOALS: PAL is a peer mentoring program for all freshmen to help ease their transition to high school and integrate them socially and academically into the high school community.

ACTIVITIES: PAL first meets at the end of August for Connections Camp and continues to meet monthly to take part in group activities and discuss topics relevant to high school students. PAL participates in service activities throughout the year.

MEETINGS: PAL meets bi-monthly in September and October and monthly for the remainder of the year.

Patrician (Yearbook)

MEMBERSHIP: Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores are invited to apply for editorial and staff positions for the yearbook. Freshmen are invited to apply for staff positions.

GOALS: To publish a yearbook that creates a memory of the school year, while providing a channel for the creative abilities of the students in the realm of writing, art and photography.

ACTIVITIES: Staff members publish an annual yearbook in May. This chronicles the school year via pictures and prose which features:

  • Academics
  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Athletics
  • Clubs
  • Special events

Photography Club (Yearbook)

MEMBERSHIP: The Photography Club is open to all students interested in photography.


  • Mini-assignments
  • Long-term Gwynedd-community based projects
  • Lab time
  • Experiment time
  • Critiques
  • Tons of artistic exploration

You can work with a film camera or digitally.

Pottery Club

GOALS: The Pottery Club members use their interest and talent in clay to create artistic projects and crafts.

ACTIVITIES: Members spend time hand-building and throwing on the pottery wheels. They work individually and sometimes as a group. Themes are usually holiday or season based and are designed by club leaders. Projects include low-fire and stoneware clay and glazes.

MEETINGS: Meetings will take place during selected 9th periods once or twice a month. Please see the activities calendar for scheduled dates.

MEMBERSHIP: Pottery Club is open to all 11th and 12th grade students.

Respect for Life

MEMBERSHIP: Open to everyone.

GOALS: Our club is dedicated to living out the belief that all human life is sacred from conception to natural death and must be protected. Our goal is to promote awareness of various life issues such as abortion, chastity, and the dignity of life at all stages.

MEETINGS: Thursdays, 9th Period

ACTIVITIES: A variety of activities such as the March for Life, Stand Up for Life Dinner, workshops, movies, speakers and any event or forum which foster a respect for life and a desire to defend.



Robotics Club – DPlex Robotics

MEMBERSHIP: Open to any student who wants to combine excitement with the rigors of coding and robotics. We need all types of talent from all types of girls! Bring your creativity, varied skills, and differences to the club.

GOALS: To collaborate with fellow students, mentors, and coaches to solve problems using computer science, and learn more about the basics of electrical and mechanical engineering. 

ACTIVITIES: Students will gain experience using our FIRST robot, Ruby. Students will learn to program in Java and build several different types of robots to learn more about the field of robotics. 

MEETINGS: Tuesday and Thursday 9th Period

Sew Much to Give

GOALS: To learn to sew with project based learning.

ACTIVITIES: Learning to prep and service several different sewing machines.  Sewing small neonatal care baby blankets, pillowcases for cancer patients, quilted covers for neonatal unit incubators, totes for breast cancer, and hair scrunchies.

MEETINGS: Wednesdays 9th period in Chemistry Lab, and optionally after-school on other Wednesdays.

Social Media Ambassadors

GOALS: Support Gwynedd's social media presence by creating and editing content surrounding the Gwynedd Mercy Academy H.S. community.

ACTIVITIES: Learn about content creation, discover self-branding and school branding, share the message of the school through social platforms

MEETINGS: Wednesdays, 9th Period

Spanish Club

Membership: Open to all students who are currently taking Spanish.

Meetings: We meet during 9th period once or twice a month. 

Activities: We discuss and learn about different holidays, customs, and traditions of the Hispanic culture.
We also incorporate tasty Spanish foods and popular Spanish music and dance into our meetings.

Speech and Debate

MEMBERSHIP: Open to all GMAHS students. Whether you like to read poetry, act out a scene from a play, write your own speech, or debate, or are interested in Congress, there is an event for everyone.

MEETINGS: One day per week.

ACTIVITIES: Girls compete in tournaments held Saturdays at local high schools such as LaSalle, St. Joseph’s Prep and Holy Ghost Prep. They also travel to away tournaments held at St. Joseph’s University, George Mason University, Susquehanna University and Harvard University. In addition, girls compete to qualify in State and National Tournaments.

Spirit Club

MEMBERSHIP: Open to all students.

Team leaders should be Juniors or Seniors. Freshmen and Sophomores are encouraged to join.

GOALS: The team’s goal is to promote enthusiasm and support for those involved in all school activities, to heighten audience/student participation at games, performances, and other school events, to encourage student involvement in fund-raisers, and to broaden each student's appreciation of school spirit.

MEETINGS: Bi-monthly or as needed.

Stage Crew, Lights & Sound

MEMBERSHIP: Any student is welcome to participate in Gwynedd’s stage crews, either in-house crew, the show crew or both.

Students who apply should have an interest in providing for the preparation of student assemblies and/or shows. They should be able to accept a high degree of responsibility. They derive great satisfaction from working with their hands through construction, painting, lighting, etc.

GOALS: The in-house crew serves the school by assisting in the light and sound set-up for assemblies, liturgies, Candlelight and special programs. The show crew works on set design and construction and light and sound coordination.

MEETINGS: Occasional formal meetings are called for communication purposes. Show crews work once or twice a week and Sunday afternoons and evenings during show production times. In the beginning the crew concentrates on set construction every Sunday. Eventually, they learn to run the actual show with the cast.

ACTIVITIES: Stage crew runs the annual fall production, Candlelight and assemblies. The in-house crew is on call during the school day.

LIGHTS & SOUND: We are in charge of theater tech for the fall musical and many other Gwynedd events such as liturgies, assemblies, concerts, and recitals. We work from the sound booth at the rear of the auditorium where we often provide many entertaining special effects involving sound and lighting. Our group is made up of freshmen through seniors and we’re always looking for additional sign ups!


Student Council

MEMBERSHIP: Students are elected by the student body. Each class selects its own class president and representatives. The entire student body elects the school president.

GOALS: The goal of the Student Council is to promote and strengthen cooperation between the student body and the school administration and faculty. Along with this goal, the Student Council members serve as the cohesive force of their respective classes, encouraging responsible membership from the Student Body, promoting discussion, conducting class meetings and acting as communicators for Administration and students.

MEETINGS: Mandatory weekly meetings. Attendance should be a priority over other activities and sports.

ACTIVITIES: Student Council members promote spirit year round. They also function as the official hostesses of the school for assemblies, for Open House and for Entrance Test days. The Student Council selects an annual theme to call the students to spirit and cooperation. Members are responsible for reporting the results of meetings to the student body.

Student Stewards

MEMBERSHIP: Open to all students.

GOALS: Student Stewards is an energetic group that meets twice a month to learn about how the generosity of the Gwynedd community - alumnae, parents, and friends - impacts the student experience.  From the inside the classroom to the athletic fields, the stage to the art center, each aspect has been made possible in some way through the support of the Gwynedd community.  As a group, we are responsible to educate and encourage the philanthropic spirit among our classmates, family and Gwynedd community.

ACTIVITIES: Students continuously write notes thanking our thoughtful and generous donors for their support of themselves, their classmates and their Mercy education.  The group is also involved in planning and implementing ONE Day for GMA – student and faculty giving day.

MEETINGS: Tuesday 1 & 2

Women Empowerment

GOALS: To raise awareness in our community concerning issues such as: human trafficking, girl's education rights, pop culture and women, media messages and body positivity.   All of which that greatly affect girls worldwide. 


  1. Increase self-esteem and recognize personality development
  2. Increase skills to take public action to prevent violence against women
  3. Provide a healthier understanding of womanhood and femininity.