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School Counseling

The School Counseling program seeks to foster each student’s personal growth and development. We recognize that each individual has been gifted by God with unique talents and abilities. Counselors work with students and families to provide academic coaching, emotional support, goal setting, and problem-solving strategies. Emphasis is placed on that which is within the student’s control and using this knowledge to find her desired outcome. Staff meet regularly with students individually, through group settings, and in consultation with faculty and parents.


Yearly Timeline

Department Members

Mrs. Lisa DeCicco, M.A.

Titles: School Counselor
Degrees: M.A. Rosemont College

Mrs. Monica Lapp, M.A., LPC P'23, '25

Titles: Director of School Counseling
Degrees: M.A. Rosemont College

Mr. Joshua Steff

Titles: Counselor, Intermediate Unit