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Business Education

Communications/Broadcast Journalism and Engineering

Elective Grades  11, 12
1 Semester: Level 3 

This elective is an interactive, hands-on course involving public speaking, journalistic writing, listening skills, critical thinking applications, and technology as applied to communication.  Media's origins, impact, and terminology will be examined.  Students will develop and strengthen their communication skills and become more confident communicators and speakers.

Broadcast Journalism and Engineering
Elective-Grades 11/12
1 Semester: Level 3

Broadcast Journalism and Engineering is a one-semester class running in conjunction with Communications. This new course offers hands-on studio and field experience for girls interested in video production, journalism, and live television and sound engineering.  Students will join the GMA-TV News team to prepare and produce daily broadcasts and feature stories by engaging in the full creative process.  Members of Broadcast Journalism and Engineering will use industry-standard equipment and software resulting in college level technical skills upon completion of the course.  This class will provide students the opportunity to try each position, from reporter to technician to anchor. Students will create a body of work that contributes to personal and school excellence.

Public Speaking

Grade: 9
Level 3

Do you have anxiety when you have to speak or present in class?  In this course students will practice the speaking, listening, and interpersonal skills necessary to become effective communicators in academic settings.  This class will provide instruction and techniques in public speaking; and, as a result, students will feel comfortable and at ease delivering speeches, creating presentations, and participating in group discussions. Students will acquire a lifelong skill that will benefit them throughout their school years and beyond.

Honors Accounting

Elective Grades 11, 12
2 Semesters

The students will learn the entire accounting cycle and will keep the accounting records for a proprietorship and corporation.  Business records are interpreted and analyzed.  Microsoft Excel is integrated into the program. Business ethics is discussed as it pertains to the various activities. Current events are routinely discussed. This course is beneficial for those students who are interested in majoring in any area of business in college or are undecided and want to explore the accounting field. 

Requirement for placement into Honors Accounting: Students need to have a GPA of 85 or above and positive teacher report card comments indicating responsibility. Department approval is required.


Economics and Entrepreneurship/Introduction to Law

Economics and Entrepreneurship:  1 Semester 11/12
Introduction to Law:  1 Semester 11/12

Economics and Entrepreneurship (1st semester) is designed to help students become better participants in the economic process.  Students learn basic economic principles along with entrepreneurial concepts, business ethics, and financial responsibility.  The course draws upon a number of real-world events and problems to introduce and apply economic and marketing concepts.  The students run and operate their own business or are part of a virtual business.  They learn to prepare a business plan, conduct market research, raise capital, design and sell a product, advertise, and maintain records.  The stockholders of this company receive dividends and the profits are donated to a charity.  Students will leave with a better understanding of different economic systems, opportunity costs, supply and demand, competition, and market-clearing prices.

Introduction to Law (2nd semester) focuses on both the substance and the process of our legal system and reflects on many social and ethical issues.  The course will concentrate on understanding legal procedures and the range of legal remedies as it relates especially to criminal and contract law.  Students will interpret actual court cases.  If schedules permit, a field trip to the court house to view an actual trial will be arranged.

Honors Developmental Psychology

2 Semesters 11, 12

This psychology course will discuss major themes and recent findings from conception through adolescence in the area of developmental psychology.  The content will focus on the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development of life stages.  Topics such as alcoholism, child abuse and neglect, gender differences, intelligence testing, sibling relationships, nutrition, and parenting styles will be addressed.  The impact of ethnic, gender, and cultural factors on development will be discussed.  This course is great for those interested in psychology, education, social work, or any profession relating to people.

Requirements for placement into Honors Developmental Psychology: The student needs to have a GPA of 85 or above and positive teacher report card comments indicating responsibility.  Department approval is required.


Department Members

Mrs. Elaine Bradley P' 03

Titles: Faculty
Degrees: M.A. Rider University