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Introduction to Music

Grade 9

Intro to Music is one of four courses in the “freshman mix.”  The following topics are included in this one-quarter survey of music:

·         Music in our world today:  students explore the role of music throughout history and in our world today, and how the international language of music describes who we are as human beings.  Students will learn our GMAHS Alma Mater, part of our own musical tradition!
·         The elements of music:  students become familiar with the elements of music including rhythm, melody, harmony, texture, form and dynamics and how they influence musical styles.
·         Classifying and Identifying musical instruments and voices:  students learn to classify and identify world instruments by their construction and the way they produce their sound and compare the instrumental pitch ranges with the 4 categories of the human voice.
·         Developing listening skills:  students listen to many genres and styles of music and be able to make more informed judgments about the music they hear.
·         Music technology:  students work with computers, digital midi keyboards and piano instruction software to acquire musical skills.
·         Freshmen recital: students prepare for and participate in a freshman music recital (publicity, program, stage crew, performing, etc.) at the conclusion of the quarter.

No prerequisites


Music Theory and History 1

Grades 10, 11, and 12

Music Theory and History is the first of a progressive series of three music theory courses. The curriculum content is divided into three areas: 1) music theory, 2) musicianship skills (sight singing and aural theory), 3) music literature/history. Students develop a working music vocabulary of musical terms and symbols, which is put into application in all facets of music learning. The fundamental concepts of music theory covered in this course include pitch notation, rhythm values, meter, key signatures, major and minor scales, transposition and intervals with some emphasis upon the development of aural perception skills through performance. Theoretical concepts are reinforced through guided listening from a wide selection of music literature, analysis of the musical scores and practical application utilizing laptops and MIDI keyboards. Music Technology projects will be assigned throughout the year.

· a minimum grade of 90 in Intro to Music
· a musical background to include either participation in school musical ensembles (chorus, band or orchestra), or private vocal or instrumental instruction

Music Theory and History 2

Grades 11, 12

This course assumes the skills and content covered in Music Theory and History 1 and continues to develop the student’s understanding of basic and advanced theory and ear training as well as harmonic score analysis. The second-year students in Music Theory and History are given an opportunity to explore the historical, social, and artistic influences that have contributed to the development of western music from the Classical through the Modern era. Students continue composing and notating music with software. Music Technology projects will be assigned throughout the year and will be based on the historical style being studied.


· Completion of Music 1 with grade of 90 or by permission of the teacher

Survey of American Music

Grades 10, 11, 12  

This course explores the history of music in the United States. Using a chronological approach, students will learn the traditions upon which American Music is based and progresses from the 19th century to present day. Significant composers, lyricists, directors, choreographers and performing artists who have contributed to the development of musical will be studied. Socioeconomic, historical and cultural events throughout this time will be discussed with regard to their impact on music (and vice versa). Students will also develop evaluative listening and viewing skills and will analyze musicals with significant historical impact.

Department Members

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Mr. Sean Bailey

Titles: Woodwind Instructor
Departments: Music

Ms. Karen Banos

Titles: Violin and Viola Instructor
Departments: Music

Mr. Ross Beauchamp

Titles: Music Faculty - Cello
Departments: Music

Mr. Elliot Bild

Titles: Brass Instructor
Departments: Music

Mr. Michael Borton

Titles: Choir Conductor
Departments: Music

Mrs. Mindy Cutcher

Titles: Music Faculty - Harp
Departments: Music

Mrs. Eileen Grabowski Ericsson

Titles: Music Faculty - Piano
Departments: Music

Mrs. Trish Giangiulio

Titles: Music Director, Orchestra Conductor
Departments: Music

Mr. Dan Hanrahan

Titles: Music Faculty - Guitar
Departments: Music

Mrs. Anne Levinson

Titles: Music Faculty - Flute
Departments: Music