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Department Policy:  Students need to seek approval from their current Science teacher to sign up for an Honors or AP course.  The Department will take into consideration current and prior Science and Math grades based on the scale below.

 College Prep --->  Honors Level = 93%
 College Prep  --->  AP = 95%
 Honors ---> Honors  = 87%
 Honors ---> AP = 90%
 AP ---> AP = 85%

Graduation Requirements:  Students must take 3 years of laboratory science; all science courses are laboratory courses.


Department Members

Mrs. Diane Buckius, M.Ed.

Titles: Faculty
Degrees: M.Ed Holy Family University

Mrs. Kimberley Clearkin, M.S.

Titles: Faculty
Degrees: M.S.

Mrs. Susan Mitchell, M.S.

Titles: Department Chair (Science), Math Faculty
Degrees: M.S. Gwynedd Mercy University

Mrs. Kelly O'Neill P '22

Titles: Faculty
Degrees: B.S. Chemistry Villanova University