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Innovation Scholars Program

The Innovation Scholars Program is a rigorous, academic track that challenges students to explore science and math at the deepest depths. Students accepted to this program are required to enroll in the most challenging science, math and technology courses that Gwynedd has to offer. Additionally, students are required to complete an externship and a year-long independent research project. 


  • Maintain a minimum general average of 92 for the remainder of their time at GMAHS
  • Course Requirements: Physics, Calculus, and three of the following courses
    • AP Computer Science Principles, AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, Honors Engineering, Advanced Engineering, Applied Computer Science and Robotics, AP Computer Science A
  • Maintain active participation in at least one STEM-related club/activity as a Scholar.
  • Regular meetings with the Program Chair regarding senior year research project progress


  • Written research project proposal by the end of sophomore year to advance in the program
  • Research internship opportunities to support your senior research project.


  • Complete an outside of school STEM related internship (before the fall of senior year)
  • Write an essay about the internship experience and how it will help complete your research project.
  • Submit a finalized research project proposal complete with a procedure and required materials.


  • Complete senior research project to be graded according to a rubric.
  • End of year project presentation to graduate as an Innovation Scholar.


  • Passing students will receive a special distinction upon graduation.
  • Earn an extra half credit for the completion of the senior STEM research project.

Department Members

Mr. Michael Berger, M.A.

Mr. Michael Berger, M.A.

Roles: Faculty & Staff