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The student internships are a stipend position. It is estimated that an internship should involve a total of 50 hours per school year. It should not take the place of volunteer activities done by clubs, etc. Upon completion of the program, interns will receive a stipend. 

  • Interns will be selected by completing a short essay on what they bring to the internship and submitting it to the director sponsoring the internship.

  • Interns will have a series of short, weekly meetings with their director.  The purpose of these meetings (which can be 15-30 minutes long) is to brainstorm on projects. A project that fits will have the following characteristics:

    • A project of value to Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School – not busy work- but also a project that doesn’t have a tight deadline. A project that can realistically be completed within the timeframe of the internship.

  • Each application should include 2-3 simple goals for the internship – what the student wants to get out of the experience. 

  • The intern will keep track of her hours and submit to the director monthly.


Internship Opportunities