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Technology and Office 365

The high school experience offers many opportunities for growth and change. Within our own brick and mortar, we are constantly evaluating methods, practices and technologies to find that which will benefit our students most during their time at Gwynedd, and thereafter. 

This evolutionary process has helped shape our current technology infrastructure. Our Windows-based, Microsoft-driven environment enables seamless collaboration and interaction in the classroom. At the same time, it providesstudents with an opportunity to use the communication and presentation tools thatthey will most likely find in the workplace. We create a cohesive environment by providing students and faculty with an extensive suite of software tools via MS Office 365 and the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. Delivery of digital tools via a Windows Pro platform allows our Technology Department to provide consistent support and connectivity, school-wide, as well as facilitate uniform training. For these reasons, we recommend that each incoming Freshman start school with aWindows 10 Pro or Windows 11 Pro device. 



For directions on accessing printing from your laptop for in school use, please click:

Mobility Printing


Department Members

Patricia Rosenberger P'12

Titles: Director of Technology

Randy McNally, M.S.

Titles: Network Administrator/IT Coordinator

Sherry Mischler

Titles: Director of Technology and Innovation

Caitlin Fasano Haug '09

Titles: Department Chair, Faculty

Melinda O'Neill, M.S.

Titles: Learning Commons Coordinator, Instructional Technologist