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Arts Festival 2019

Performing Arts

The Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School Arts festival is held each May. The festival highlights visual art exhibits of portfolio work from freshmen to senior art majors. Students display their best artwork from a myriad of media, and work from photography and graphic design classes is also included. Art scholars exhibit their art work in the front lobby, seniors and juniors in the glass corridor, and sophomores and freshmen in the gold corridor. Awards certificates are presented by a local professional artist.

Following the visual arts display, the Arts Festival concert, presented in the Performing Arts Center, features our music ensembles including Glee Club, Chorale, Orchestra, String and Wind Ensemble, Girls with Guitars, the Mercy Melismatics, soloists and dancers, as well as selected narrators from Speech and Debate club. The Arts Festival concerts focus on a different theme every year, on which our music ensembles perform a varied selection of classical, Broadway and contemporary popular music and dance.

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Visual Arts

Maddie Haas and parents in front of artwork


"We make room in our house for beauty, may we appreciate the care and graciousness of God the artist, who takes us beyond the pragmatic and the restrained and leads us into realms of extravagance and boldness, recognizing the power of color and form to open our eyes to new possibilities."


Art Awards

Special thanks to Kate Hochner, artist and educator, from Wayne Art Center

Nell Flanigan - Best Drawing
Ella Fall - Best Painting
Isa Trotter - Best Attention to Detail
Isabel Llopis - Best Use of Line
Angelina Tornetta - Best Use of Symmetry
Olivia Esposito - Best Illustrator
Gianna Olimpo - Best Use of Color and Value

Best Painting - Olivia Carton
Honorable Mention - Kennedy Kelly
Best Drawing - Linda Wang
Honorable Mention - Isabella Carlo
Best Pastel - Zoe Rogers
Honorable Mention -Jordan White
Best Charcoal Drawing - Claire Cotton
Honorable Mention - Jordan White
Best Ceramics - Isa Trotter
Honorable Mention - Kiera Gemmi
Best Collage - Olivia Carton
Honorable Mention - Jules Valerio
Best Landscape - Grace Mascio
Honorable Mention - Claire Cotton
Best Scratchboard Drawing - Madison Haase
Honorable Mention - Claire Cotton

Best Painting - Julianna Persia
Honorable Mention - Grace Williamson
Best Pencil Drawing - Amelia Kunko
Honorable Mention - Issy Bosca
Best Ceramics - Vivi Campbell
Honorable Mention - Erin Mullen
Best Charcoal Drawing - Sarah McAuliffe
Honorable Mention - Issy Bosca