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Tri-M Music Honor Society

The Tri-M Music Honor Society is an international program dedicated to the recognition of exceptional music students in grades 6-12 that meet specific music, academic, leadership, and character criteria. The three M initials of Tri-M stand for Modern Music Masters. There are both junior chapters (grades 6-8) and senior chapters (grades 9-12).

The Tri-M Music Honor Society provides a means of recognizing the efforts and achievements of music students who volunteer their time and share their musical talents with others. Since 1952, over 4,500 Tri-M chapters have been chartered in the United States and abroad, and current membership exceeds 38,000. The goal of the society is to foster greater interest in band, orchestra, and choral performance and to provide more opportunities for personal musical expression. Students are selected for membership in the honor society on the basis of musicianship, scholarship, character, leadership, and service to their school and community.

In 1983, the Tri-M Music Honor Society became a program of NAfME (The National Association for Music Education.) NAfME, with more than 114,000 members, is the world’s largest arts education organization and is dedicated to the advancement of music education at the national and local levels. NAfME’s activities and resources have been largely responsible for the establishment of music education as a profession and the promotion and guidance of music study as an integral part of the school curriculum.

For more information about Tri-M, visit the link on this page or call the NAfME office at 800-336-3768.

Tri-M Music Honor Society

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Tri-M Music Honor Society Members

Membership 2019-2020

President- Chloe Thum
Vice President - Valerie McLaughlin, Alannah Cunningham
Secretary – Jill Dougherty
Treasurers – Julia Smith
Historian - Mary Conn

Tri-M Continuing Members:

Jill Dougherty
Lauren Halferty
Sara Kuntz
Erin Plamondon
Julia Smith
Chloe Thum

Tri-M New Members:

Sarah McAuliffe
Jana Senderling
Maggie Fleuhr
Alannah Cunningham
Abby Gorsuch
Ellie Keaton
Valerie McLaughlin
Cassie Smith
Jenna Toth