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College Recruiting

Recruiting is a process, years in the making. It is the culmination of everything student-athletes have been working towards in the past 4 years of their lives, if not more. Loving the sport you compete in is not enough; there is an absolute dedication that is required between academic and athletic preparation.

If you wish to participate in NCAA Division I or II athletics, you need to be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center. You need to qualify academically and you will also need to be cleared as an amateur student-athlete. It is up to student-athletes to make sure they will be ready and prepared for academic eligibility along with taking the required courses to get them through the eligibility process.

Please be sure to consult NCAA Guidelines for college bound Student Athletes (PDF) and the NCAA Eligibility Center for more information.


On November 14th, GMAHS celebrated the following Senior student-athletes:

Cailin Panacek, a GMAHS soccer player (pictured in left hand column) will be attending American University!
Annie O'Dare, a GMAHS swimmer (pictured in right-hand column) will be attending Auburn University!

Congratulations athletes!!

For additional pictures, see the photo gallery below.

Cailin Signing for Athletic Scholarship


Cailin, family, AD and President


Annie signing for Athletic Scholarship


Annie with her family, coach and school President



Eligibility Process

Determine Schools

Determine Schools Division I, Division II, and Division III. Go big and weed out as you go. Use Naviance to compare your grades and scores. See your guidance counselor if you need assistance with Naviance.

Visit College's Website

Make a spread sheet with college name, coach's e-mail, phone number. Make a contact and received column.

E-mail Coaches

Send an e-mail to your selected coaches stating that you have completed their questionnaire. It is a must to fill out the questionnaires, this is how you will receive prospect clinic information. Include in your write up a player profile and if possible a link to a highlight video. Also, include tournaments and camps you are attending.

Get Organized

Purchase a binder and fill with information from each college.


Answer all e-mails you receive even if they seem general. The easiest way to do this is to write a general response that tells about you, your upcoming tournaments/camps/meets. Include contact information. Follow up with all phone calls you receive. Before calling a coach write down information that will keep the conversation moving. Know something about the prospective team to add to the conversation, this shows the coach that you are prepared and have researched the school.


Be aware of dates! September 1st, entering junior year division I colleges may begin to send e-mails. They may also answer your phone calls, however, they may not call you.

Signing Day Picture Gallery

Cailin Signing for Athletic Scholarship
Cailin, family, AD and President