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Gwynedd student in a crew boat on the water

Sarah McLaughlin '19

When you say “yes” to crew, you say “yes” to a lot of things. Unexpected things, physical challenges, and mental obstacles. Your hands won’t ever be the same, and you’ll get way too comfortable in spandex; you’ll go head-to-head with the erg, and you may not always come out on top. But stick with me here, because when you say yes to crew, you say yes to an incredible opportunity that will shift your way of thinking and alter your approach to life.“

                                                           -  Maura McKenna ’12, La Salle Women’s Varsity Rowing team

Crew Facts

  • Crew is the oldest contested collegiate sport.
  • 147 NCAA women's rowing teams combined for the DI, DII, and DIII levels.
  • In one survey of 4,000 who rowed on high school teams, there were over 2,000 athletic scholarships available for them; a remarkable 2:1 ratio of athlete to scholarship.
  • The average number of scholarships awarded per NCAA Division I Women's team may average as many as 39.
crew erg


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