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Tony Imbesi P'22, '25

Junior Class Rep: 
Vince Valenzuela P'23

Sophomore Class Rep
Terry Shea P'24

Freshmen Class Rep: 

Dear Gwynedd Dads and Guardians,

I would like to thank Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School for the honor of serving as the Fathers' Club President this year. Thank you to all the wonderful fathers that I have had the pleasure to meet and volunteer with throughout the year. I have enjoyed meeting so many parents and establishing great friendships through this opportunity to serve.

The opportunity to serve the Gwynedd community has enriched my experience as a father, and it has allowed my relationship with my daughter, Ellie '21, to grow stronger. It provided wonderful opportunities to spend quality time together before she moves on to the next chapter of life. 

This year has been a little different with the pandemic and the limits of social gatherings and volunteering opportunities. At the beginning of the school year, we had no idea if we were going to have any events, but we started with the chance to speak with the incoming freshman parents. The freshman parents were all very excited to jump into this wonderful community and get involved. Then we hosted a cooking class that started as one night and grew into three nights—so many people wanted to join the fun! As the year went along and the restrictions tightened, the volunteer opportunities and events dwindled until we were able to start to get together in the Spring. The fathers were finally able to meet in person to plan "Game Night under the Tent". With social gathering capacities expanded, we enjoyed a night at the Phillies with a small tailgate (under the guidelines from the Phillies).

Thank you to all the fathers who helped with parking for Open House and Graduation, and for spreading the word about the Golf Outing and McAuley's Pub Night. The class representatives, Tony Imbesi P'22, '25, Vince Valenzuela P'23, and Terry Shea P'24, have been so helpful and supportive throughout the year. The Fathers' Club will be in great hands next year with Tony Imbesi P'22, '25 as the new Fathers' Club President.

Finally, a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all the Gwynedd staff and especially the help and support from Jeannine Hartz, Colleen Belz Frascatore, Denise Marbach, Mary Kirby, and Sam Mancuso.

I will miss my days at Gwynedd and hope yours are as blessed as mine have been. I wish you and your families a blessed and safe summer! 

In Mercy,

Brett Keaton P'21
Fathers' Club President 2020-2021

The primary goal of the Fathers’ Club is to continue the mission of the school and help our daughters grow in the Mercy Spirit.  We are focused on how we, as fathers and guardians, can enhance our daughters’ Gwynedd experience while spending quality time with them.  We plan on hosting a few events throughout the year such as a cooking night, a Phillies game outing preceded by a tailgate, and other gatherings. The Fathers’ Club also sponsored frequent service work with the Face2Face organization in Germantown and St. Vincent’s Soup Kitchen.  These are great opportunities to work with our daughters while providing a worthwhile service.  

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