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Mercy Begins with Me

Stories that #Inspire_Mercy


grace and her brother with donations


Grace Stetler '22 and her family organized a food drive in their neighborhood to benefit the clients of Face to Face Germantown. They delivered 156 flyers to their "closest" neighbors. Neighbors were asked to simply look in their kitchen pantry to see if they had any extra goods. A mini van was filled with groceries and delivered last week. Face to Face was able to help 75 families with the donations provided by Grace's family and neighbors.



gwynedd student dropping off food to jefferson


Kiley McMahon '23 wanted to find a way to support local businesses, doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers. In a week, Kiley raised over $700 with money she had been saving and donations from family. She reached out to Collegeville Italian Bakery Pizzeria Napoletana and asked if they would make the meals for her. They not only made the meals but doubled the order! Kiley was able to deliver over 100 meals to doctors, nurses, and support staff at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.


handwritten cards


Freshmen students Katherine O’Donnell, Ava Gross, Samantha Yuen, Mia Tragemann, Rose Mazzeo, Alexandra Berish, Ashley Kane, Megan Myers, Tori Starynski, and Piper Marion made over 80 cards for local patients and healthcare workers. 



student with police


Allison Zeltner '21 wanted to use her spring break by finding a way to give back to her community. Ally called several police departments and EMT sites to see if they needed any support. The chief of police mentioned that they really needed cloth masks for the officers. Ally got right to work and located a seamstress who was willing to help her learn sewing and make masks.

Ally donated over 300 masks to the police departments of Souderton and Telford, as well as the EMT company of Montgomery County. The units were grateful for the contributions and support.


student holding a card

Ellie Keaton ‘21 found ways to keep busy at home while giving back to her community.
“Since we can’t go outside right now, I have been trying to keep busy inside by doing things for other people. A few days ago, I saw a Facebook post from a woman who works in a nursing home. She said that the residents are not doing anything anymore and they are bored. She was reaching out to the community to have them write cards to the residents and help bring some happiness into their days. I decided to help and have made over 100 cards. I am trying to do my part to keep other’s spirits high during such a hard and confusing time. As a student at Gwynedd, I have been taught to find ways to help others in my own community, even if it is just something small!”


girls in masks donating food


Reilly Cahill ’21 and Bridget Cahill ’23 were looking for a way to give back to their community as the coronavirus began to hit home. Reilly contacted Doylestown Hospital to ask about delivering food to their staff. Bridget contacted some friends and neighbors to see if they would like to make a small donation to help cover the costs. They contacted a local restaurant, thinking not only could they help the hospital, but also a local business in need of revenue at this time. Yesterday, they delivered 50 meals and dessert to the staff at Doylestown Hospital. They were grateful for the contribution, as many staff members are working overtime to help combat the coronavirus.



gwynedd students and family donating goods

Gwynedd Scholars and members of the Gwynedd Ambassadors Board put “Mercy in Action” and “Served Beyond Self”. The students and their families from Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelphia counties made over 600 brown bag meals for the homeless at St. John’s Hospice. Mrs. Kimberly Dunphy Scott ’84, P ’16 &’16, Mrs. Carolyn Doyle Murray ’88, P’20, ’21 and ’24, and Seniors Aileen Murray ‘20 and Angelena Antenuci ‘20 delivered the donations to the shelter in Philadelphia. Despite the many meals Gwynedd provided, St. John’s Hospice could still use much more. Check out their website to see how you can help support them during this time!


alumna in a mask

Addressing a need in the community, Katie Hess ‘22 made masks for Dr. Alison McGrorty-Crotts ‘04. Dr. McGrorty-Crotts is a pediatrician working in Public Health clinics throughout Philadelphia. She has been able to provide Hess masks to homeless people, health center parents and the whole staff at Strawberry Mansion!






doctors holding cards

Freshmen students Elizabeth Romano, Scarlett St. Clair, Gabriella Manno, Kristen Yezzi, and Mia Tragemann made over 70 cards to send to ER workers at Geisinger in Scranton, PA.







student and alumna

 Judy McLaughlin Bucko ’60 connected with Katie Hess '22, who has been making masks with her mom for her friends, family, and community. Judy, a retired nurse who helps at Central Behavioral Health center in Montgomery County, recognized the need for masks for her patients and clients. Thanks to the help of Katie, over 40 masks were given to Judy's patients. 





student dropping off donations

 Mary Eisenhard '23 brought a food donation to Manna on Main Street with her family. The volunteers there were actively preparing food in the kitchen and truly appreciative of Mary's kindness. 







kids and characters

 Sofia Franco '20 and her friends have been doing drive by visits to kids whose birthdays are being spent in quarantine. They dress up as superheroes and princesses and all profits go to local food banks and COVID relief funds. 





 Trinity Meehan '23, wanted to help with the hunger and isolation among the homebound seniors in her community. Trinity shopped, prepped, and cooked four platters of lasagna. She also cooked enough carrots and broccoli to serve along with the meals. Trinity and her parents delivered the meals to aid their senior neighbors and friends. 





girls visiting the elderly with cookies

Lizzie Lowry '22 , Maddie Newell '22, and Morgan Newell '23 baked homemade cakes and cookies and delivered them to a low income senior housing community located in our township. The goodies were a welcome surprise for the residents as they have been quarantined in their apartments the last several months. The residents were so appreciative and wondered when the next batch would be arriving! Lizzie, Maddie, and Morgan will be busy baking again as they plan on delivering baked goods to a homeless shelter in Norristown. Kelly and Courtney Falcone, two students at St. Helena's in Blue Bell, were their delivery helpers!