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Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School
Junior-Senior Prom
Presidential Caterers
May 20, 2020


Dear Parents,

We hope that this letter finds you well. With springtime just around the corner, the Senior class officers are in the midst of planning one of the most memorable events of the students’ high school experience—the Senior/Junior Prom. As the prom moderators, our goal is to assist the students in creating a safe and positive atmosphere on prom night. We are sure that we can count on parental support in regard to this issue, and respectfully ask that you lend your assistance in three key areas.

First, we believe that the primary role of the faculty and administration on prom night is to ensure a safe environment for our students. The last thing that we want to happen is for a positive, enjoyable night to be threatened by risky behavior. We have discussed the school’s drinking and drug policy with the girls, and we ask that you support our efforts to prevent the abuse of such substances before, during, or after such school functions as the prom. We know that you share our concerns about the well-being of your daughters and their friends, and ask that you emphasize that concern with them in the weeks and months ahead. We are confident that the girls value your opinions, and that honest discussions with your daughters can be the most effective way to prevent the poor judgment they might otherwise exercise on prom night.

Second, we ask that you be a part of your daughters’ decisions about what to wear to the prom. We have the utmost respect for your daughters and, like you, we hope that they respect themselves. Their self-respect is reflected in the way that they choose to represent themselves at this elegant function. Traditionally the girls have worn long, formal dresses. Any male guests they ask to join them for the evening should wear tuxedos or formal dress suits. As they enter the hall, the girls introduce their guests to members of the faculty receiving line. This ritual is a cherished tradition that our faculty members look forward to each year, and we are proud of the grace and maturity that our students display as they walk through the line. We are confident that this year’s attire and behavior will reflect the girls’ self-respect, grace, and maturity as it has in the past.

Finally, please encourage the girls to remember key deadlines for guest information, payment, seating, etc. We ask that you remind your daughters about the importance of respecting policies and procedures out of respect to the Student Council officers who are giving so freely of their time to create a special night for their peers.

Please be advised that the Junior class is to arrive between 6:30-7pm and the Senior class is to arrive between 7-7:30pm.

Thank you in advance for your support in promoting a safe and enjoyable prom. We know that we can always count on Gwynedd-Mercy parents to advance the mission and values of our school, and for that we are truly grateful. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Bradley or Mrs. Battisto at (215) 646-8815.

Please sign the "Parent Letter Signature" form and return to Mrs. Battisto.



Mrs. Elaine Bradley Mrs. Erin Battisto

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Important Dates:

Prom Money Collection:  February 17 - February 21

Parent Letter collection (print form and return) and Table Sign Up: March 2 - 6

Juniors and Seniors, please give forms to Mrs. Battisto.

Guest Information due electronically by: March 9 -13

*Due to the rescheduling of the prom, deadlines have been extended.