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Mission & Service Trip - Ireland

Fifth Biennial Pilgrimage for Young Mercy Leaders


The Cliffs of Moher

While visiting the Cliffs of Moher at the start of our journey, we ran into Mrs. Antoni, mother of Regina ’15, Maria ’16 and sister-in-law to teacher and alumna Mrs. Cindy Antoni Conaway ‘71. What a fun and exciting run-in! The Circle of Mercy is thriving in Ireland! 


Visiting Dublin, Ireland

When we arrived in Dublin, we had the opportunity to stop by Baggot Street before the official start of the Mercy Leadership Conference. While on our walking tour of Dublin, we went for a tour of Trinity University with Gwynedd alumna Lizzie Maguire '12. Lizzie is finishing up her Masters in Business program while working at Trinity University. We had the opportunity to learn many interesting facts about the international admissions process while seeing the campus. It was another beautiful day in Ireland!

Day 1 of the Conference

During Day 1 of the Mercy Leadership Conference, the 13 members of Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School got the opportunity to take their formal picture with the statue Catherine McAuley outside of Mercy International on Baggot Street. This great opportunity took place before going into the opening prayer ceremony in Catherine’s chapel.

The members of this pilgrimage have met students from Australia, the United States, England, Ireland and Belize. There have been opportunities to hear various keynote speakers, participate in workshops, to walk the grounds of Baggot Street and to see the new statue of Catherine in her garden. The afternoon was spent doing a walking tour of Dublin where we met different sisters of Mercy giving us facts about Catherine. We were also able to see the church where the 13 original sisters of Mercy are buried - St. Teresa Chapel.

- Mrs. Kim Dunphy Scott '84 P '16 & '16

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