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Taking an active role in service is expected of a Mercy Girl. By getting involved, students build a strong sense of compassion toward others and in return partake in rewarding experiences. The enthusiasm of community service at Gwynedd continues to build every day. The participation of students and faculty in service projects are a prime example of how we express Mercy. Thank you to all who continue to support and carry out the real meaning of Ministry and Service.

The Ministry and Service programs are led, in large part, by a team of 25 students who learn valuable lessons in organizing and planning projects. They transform their ideas into events that help people in need. Membership on the Ministry Team is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors based on a commitment to faith and school-sponsored service. Team members are selected based on their involvement in current Ministry & Service activities.


"Let us take one day only in hands at a time. Resolve to do good today and better tomorrow."

Catherine McAuley


Panama City 2019

Walk for Peace 2018

Catholic Heart Workcamp, Boston 2019

Haiti 2018


Service Opportunities