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Our Mission, Beliefs, and Values

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Mission Statement

Rooted in the Catholic faith and charism of Mercy, Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School educates, inspires, and empowers young women to be merciful in spirit, innovative in thought, and courageous in leadership.


Belief Statements

We believe in the spirit of Mercy
• Acknowledging God as our core of existence, we model our lives on Jesus Christ.
• Positive moral and Catholic values are fundamental to personal growth, social responsibility and global competency.
• Gwynedd’s foundation is built on the core values of compassion, justice, service, and respect for the dignity of all persons. These values are the charism of Catherine McAuley, the foundress of the Sisters of Mercy.

We believe in the strength of community
• Through ongoing service, the Gwynedd community fosters respect for the dignity of all persons.
• Students become competent, compassionate women in an enriched, balanced environment cultivated by positive role models.
• Faculty, in collaboration with parents, motivate and challenge each young woman to achieve her highest potential.

We believe in the value of education
• Participation in the Mercy Education spans six countries and offers a global perspective to our students.
• Gwynedd develops and nurtures the whole person: intellectually, spiritually, morally, physically, emotionally, and socially.
• Educators inspire a fundamental love of life-long learning that requires reflection and action.

We believe in the power of women
• Each student succeeds in a supportive environment that encourages the development of her distinct abilities, talents, and interests.
• Gwynedd women are educated, inspired, and empowered by Mercy to effect change for the greater good.
• Through the global network of Mercy sisterhood, Gwynedd Alumnae advance Mercy charism and offer opportunities for mentoring and paths to success in careers for all women.


Educational Philosophy Statement

Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School, founded in 1861, an independent Catholic college preparatory school for young women, is part of a long and rich history of education. While it is a member of a global network of schools, Mercy Education System of the Americas, the school’s roots are steeped in the educational ministry of Catherine McAuley, the founder of the Sisters of Mercy. A visionary leader, Catherine McAuley was keenly aware that education is the key to empowering women to make a difference in the world and affect social change. This belief continues to inspire the core mission of Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School as it nurtures highly competent and deeply compassionate leaders ready to serve the needs of a twenty-first century world.

Preparing students for this important role necessitates the promotion of academic excellence in an environment that fosters the development of the whole person; spiritually, intellectually, physically, and emotionally. A complex, ever-changing, and diverse world requires educational programs at various levels (co-curricular and extra-curricular) which educate, inspire and empower each young woman to think critically, to act with compassion, and to recognize, affirm and respect both her unique abilities and talents as well as the talents and abilities of each and every person.


Vision Statement

We seek to educate, inspire, and empower the next generation of women leaders, so that they may light a path for a better world.


Mercy Education Core Values

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