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Mission and Belief Statements

Watercolor of outside of school where the stained glass window is

Mission Statement

Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School, a Catholic college-preparatory school encourages young women to live and act justly in the spirit of Jesus Christ and to follow in the tradition of mercy and service handed down from Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy. Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School respects individual differences and challenges each student to achieve academic excellence. Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School empowers each student to develop her unique talents and abilities and to become a competent and compassionate Christian woman.

We Believe That...

God is the core of our existence and Jesus Christ is a model for our life

The foundation of our school is based on the Gospel values of compassionate presence, justice, service, and respect for the dignity of all persons, which are the charism of Catherine McAuley.

The school community participates in service activities in order to strengthen their awareness and concern for others and to ensure that the dignity of all persons is respected and protected.

Positive moral and religious values are fundamental to personal growth, social responsibility and global awareness.

The goal of education is to develop and nurture the whole person: intellectually, spiritually, morally, physically, emotionally and socially.

Students learn to become competent and compassionate adults in a nurturing community atmosphere that provides positive role models.

As co-educators, parents and teachers motivate and challenge each young woman to reason, to inquire and to communicate effectively in order to influence her life situations.

Each student succeeds in a supportive educational environment that encourages her distinct abilities, talents and interests.

Women have the ability to communicate effectively and influence corporate, political and ethical policies.

Educators inspire a fundamental love of learning.

Learning is a life-long dynamic process that requires reflection and action.