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Online SAT Course

An amazing opportunity for the students of Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School:

The Coughlin Method: a series of SAT preparation courses

This program is a unique and constructive approach to SAT preparation, meant to prepare students for the rigors of complex problems, as well as teach them how to think clearly, concisely, and confidently.

The Coughlin Method was developed by Dr. Ray Coughlin, an esteemed Mathematics professor at Temple University. The provost asked Dr. Coughlin, also the honors program director, how to increase student performance on national standardized exams like the GRE, LSAT, and the MCAT. After tremendous research, Dr. Coughlin created and taught a course based on critical thinking and problem solving to over 4,000 students with great success. Subsequently, with the SAT redesign, he has created SAT prep courses based on his ideas of how to teach critical thinking.

Through his program, Dr. Coughlin will teach students critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are essential to student development. These skills are fundamental to writing argument-based papers in upper division courses, and are crucial in today's ever-changing academic, business, and professional world. The Coughlin Method provides students with a success-based pathway to mastering the three core test sections: Math, Reading, and Writing. The Coughlin Method will teach your daughter how to think clearly, sort through ideas, and make valid, reasoned conclusions.

The program is unique in both approach and presentation. It is broken down into online modules developed for 21st century learners in a manner that is manageable for high school students. The course allows students to work at their own speed, based on their acquisition of each skill.

In short, The Coughlin Method is a proven preparation method for the SAT and gives students a foothold in the high school and college classroom.

Special rate: $120 per student participant

(a 50% discount exclusively for Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School students)


  • Now through February 15, 2018 start date. 
  • Is open to anyone wishing to improve her skills.

A meeting will be held at 3:05 pm on Monday, March 5, 2018 for all enrolled students. This course is self regulated, however we will check in with students along the way to see how they are doing and are available via email any time to answer questions.

Additional questions? Email Mrs. McGrorty Derstine '01 at

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